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I installed eset internet security trial yesterday, since then I got hacked! Never once before...

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I installed eset internet security yesterday, as a security addition to windows defender. Later that night I engaged the gaming mode to play some games. And today I wake up and someone was messing with my steam account. The pc stayed on as I fell asleep watching a movie after gaming. 

Windows defender was never turned off, only eset was in game mode. 


How can it be that I install eset and right away someone is using my pc remotely probably!?


I just did a scan and eset found nothing. 


EDIT: I just checked defender and found out that eset is taking over for windows defender completely, so when game mode is activated the pc is basically a sitting duck. 


Thanks eset! 

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Gamer mode activates when an application running in full-screen mode is detected. With GM active, module updates as well as all other scheduled tasks are suspended and no notifications or alerts pop up but are silently blocked and logged. However, the product continues to receive pico (streaming) updates to ensure that you are protected against latest threats.

With ESET Internet Security installed, the firewall blocks all inbound communication by default so an adversary should not be able to connect to your machine unless you permit the connection from outside. Even in GM such inbound connection attempt would be blocked.

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