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ESET Blocking Windows 11 Idle?

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Hi There,


I have installed ESET today and it seams to have blocked Windows 11 from going Idle?

I use windows to switch my monitor off after 1 miniute on the power settings due to it being an OLED screen and reducing any chance of screen burn.

This was working till ESET was installed.


Am i missing a setting?


I have even tried to resort to a black screen saver, however this is not working either.



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If the issue goes away after uninstalling ESET and returns as soon as you install the latest v17.1, it will be necessary to narrow it down to a particular protection module or setting. Please raise a support ticket for help with further troubleshooting.

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With Eset installed, you could set Power & sleep settings in Win 11 back to default values. For the monitor sleep, I believe that is 10 mins. Leave the PC idle for 10 mins. and see if it turns off. If the monitor turns off, now set the monitor sleep setting to 1 min. and see if it now turns off after that time.

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