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In-Depth Scan is much faster recently

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So I do a daily in-depth scan on my computer, it usually takes about an hour and 20 mins. to complete. However it is now completing in 20 mins., I haven't changed any settings and I did go and look at my logs. Base on the logs the time changed happened on 4/28/24 using Version of detection engine: 29134 (20240427).

I'm just wanting to make sure that this is as planned, I mean I'm all for improvement, but shaving off an hour of scan time just seems like a too good to be true situation and I figured I would ask before I go and reload software or worst that my system may have be compromised.





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Wow that was the fastest responds that I have ever received Thank You! I have a 24 thread processor so shaving an hour off doesn't sound so bad now, again thank you for the quick responds.

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