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Can't remove ESET Client from dashboard

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I have an issue with one client. It was getting an error updating. It said the module failed. So I tried uninstalling it and removing it. It will not uninstall. After I reboot the computer, it shows up again. And it also shows up in the dashboard after I remove it. What's really interesting, is that multiple instances of the same client keep showing up in lost and found. I'm at a loss of what to do next. I haven't tried disconnecting from the network yet to see if that will do anything. Just wondering if anyone has had a similar issue and how it was resolved. 

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If it's not possible to uninstall ESET Endpoint in a standard way, you can use the ESET Uninstall tool in safe mode. I assume that you want to keep the management agent installed and reinstall Endpoint. If you want to uninstall the agent as well, it will stop replicating to the ESET PROTECT server.

In order to remove a client, we recommend to perform all 3 steps suggested by the client removal wizard:


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I've tried uninstalling the management agent as well with an administrator login. 

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