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ESET Remote Administrator version 5.2.26 has been released

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ESET Remote Administrator version 5.2.26 has been released and is available to download.

  • Fixed: Remote uninstallation procedure does not work for ESET NOD32 Antivirus Business Edition for Mac OS X 4.1.97 and later
  • Fixed: The OS X remote installation progress monitor will not continue to update if the target computer reboot option is chosen to run after the installation
  • Fixed (JPN only): Using ERA Maintenance Tool to edit server configuration corrupts the configuration xml
  • Fixed (FRA only): Parameter evaluation in dynamic groups and policy rules ignore the "Last connection older than"-condition

For instructions on upgrading from an earlier version of 5.x to the latest version, see the following ESET Knowledgebase article:

For detailed information and instructions on the new features, see the following ESET Knowledgebase article

For the previous version 5.2.x changelog information on the ESET Forum, see What's New in 5.2.22?

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