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ESS 7 - SysInspector Feedback

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I have installed ESS 7 a week ago, and everything seems to be working fine as expected. This post gives a little feedback on sysinspector and network connection tools..


Network connections


1. Provide an option to copy remote ip in Network connections window. Refer to the attached screenshot for reference.




1. (UI improvement) Place "Show" button in ESS SysInspector interface along with Compare/Create/Delete buttons. And enable it when a single snapshot is seleteced. See the first image to see the window i'm referring.


2. (bug?) right-click on any given snapshot, disable "create.." option. not sure if this was the intended design.


3. (bug ?) Created a snapshot today, and see many files listed as risky (rating 9), of which many of files has age > 1 month. Not sure if this working as intended or not. Attached an example case. refere screenshot.


4. (perf improvement) Comparing two snapshots takes exceptionally long time. (i.e., it takes >5 mins to open after compare button is clicked). Could it be improved to take less than a min? (opening individual snapshot is quick, less than a minute)


And a question, if we submit any undetected malicious file, is there a way to confirm if a signature being added for it? ( i submitted one sample today from clean mx database)







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