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Product Suggestion (for ERA 6): Tasks

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Another suggestion.


I'm finding "tasks" to be extremely unintuitive, and nowhere near eas easy as on V5. Let me explain.


Scenario: I browser through the "computers" and see that one has V5 antivirus on it. I remove that. So of course I then want to install V6.


The logic thing to be able to do is click the comptuer, then "new task", then select from a predefined lsit of task that I have already set up. In this instance I would want to choose my existing "Install Endpoint Antivirus task", which already has the license number and the product as part of the task. But no, I have to create a new task - and I have to give that task a unique name, I have to choose "OS Install" again,  have to choose the ESET license and I have to pick the right ESET product each time. Sure, ic an filter, but I have to add a filter each time.


Alternatively, I go to Admin, then Client Tasks, find my "Install Endpoint Antivirus task" task, chosoe to target a new computer, then navigate all the way through the tree to fidn the computer.


In other words, I have to either click the computer and set up a new task, or I have to find the task then find the computer.



Suggestion: new entry in the "New Task" dropdown afetr you've clicked a computer, with dropdown value "select from existing tasks", and the "Task" dropdown then lists all the existing tasks. If selected, it adds the selected computer as a target for that task.


Oh, and please lose the requirement for task names to be unique. Autonumbered "Task 18", "Task 19" etc. in v5 was more than adequate for "disposable" tasks. And having "non disposable" tasks in v6 would be great if it were easy to re-use them, hence my suggestion.





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+1 for this suggestion.


I mostly work out of the Computers display, and use the "New task..." on the clients.

I often want to run the same/preconfigured custom tasks from there.


So in New Client Task - Basic, please bring out a dropdown that shows the tasks from Admin -> Client Tasks to be able to work faster and more effective.

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