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62 rules have been automatically crated in Interactive mode

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Hello, I was reinstalling Windows and downloaded Internet Security offline installer before that.

I have unplugged the computer from LAN, installed Windows and Eset Internet Security. Immediately I have set it to Interactive mode and filled in the activation key.

Then I plugged the computer to LAN, immediately I have noticed in the notification area a note from Asus to install some of their software, then Logitech wanted to install their software. I immediately activated Internet Security, went into the rules and there have been already 62 rules created despite being in Interactive mode (definitely not in Learning mode). These rules seem like some defaults but in any case it allowed windows to connect to internet put new shortcuts to the startmenu (Outlook, Spotify, Grammarly, LinkedIn).


Is this some new post-install behavior? Can I avoid it somehow? Is there a setting to disable this?

Also, I can't delete these rules, only deactivate.


Is this how Internet Security works now? Or is there some issue on my side?


Thank you.

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Apparently the new thing is that default rules are now shown by default while maybe a month ago they have been hidden (I was reinstalling laptop back then).

Still, how could have those shortcuts be made in the moment of connecting to LAN/Internet? Also the Asus and Logitech offers? Is there some brief moment during activation when firewall doesn't work?

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I would recommend using automatic firewall mode. If more rules are created for an application in interactive or learning mode, there are likely more aliases / links for the application's executable. In such case, instead of creating a rule based on the application create a rule for the IP addresses for instance.

Anyways, please provide logs collected with ESET Log Collector for a check.

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