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Why does the escan folder size increase?

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Hi all

I am running ESET Endpoint Antivirus for Windows, Ver 11. 

Our company is scaning at 12 o'clock every day using schedule job.

The escan folder on a specific PC is dramatically increasing in size. i attached it.

Other PCs, dat files are created every day when scheduled scans. However, on this PC, dat files are not created every day and only one or two large files exist.

I also looked at the forum content below and checked the "Log all objects" setting, but it is disabled.


This isn't the first time this has happened. Last month, the same issue occurred, so I uninstalled EEA and reinstalled it, but a larger dat file was created again as attached.

What should I do?? Why dat files are not created every day? Why is so big?


2024-04-19 10 58 49.png

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A new log is created there with each on-demand scan. Most likely you have "Log all objects" enabled in a particular on-demand scan profile which causes logs to be extremely large. You should disable that setting.

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