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Successful Agent Deployment, but not checking into the Server

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I've been in the process of migrating and updating my AV solution to ERA v6 (from v5,x). I've successfully set up my CentOS server by hand. I've also successfully migrated and upgraded 59 out of 60 of my clients, located in 3 separate countries.


Client #60 is being a real pain in the . This computer is Windows 7 Professional and formally used to have ESET v5.x, which was configured to communicate with my other server. I never had any issues with this computer when I originally set up my ERA v5 server last year. I am able to remotely deploy an Agent to this computer. The Agent Deployment logs shows the task finishes successfully but it never reports back and updates with the server. It remains grayed out and no information gets updated on it. I remotely log into the machine and I see that the EraAgent service is running on the computer, however I cannot figure out why it isn't talking to the server.


ESET v5.x was still installed on it, but about 70% of my company is Windows devices and I was able to successfully deploy the Agent (and upgrade) while the original was still installed. Either way, I tried uninstalling the original package, and redeploying the Agent, but no changes. I tried going through the "Troubleshooting Agent Deployment" section in the documentation, but I have no errors to go by.


Anyone encounter this? or have suggestions? Thanks!

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Just to be sure, if you go to appwiz.cpl, then select the Remote Administrator Agent and repair it, does it show the correct hostname information for your Remote Administrator server?

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So I checked into what you said. Going through the "Repair" procedure showed all of my settings configured the way they should be (hostname, port, cert). Looking deeper into it, I checked into firewall settings to see if something was blocking any outbound communication. Lo and behold, the firewall wasn't even turned on in the first place! 


I checked the Network settings. Turns out the DNS server was misconfigured on her machine. I fixed it and the Agent checked in with the Server right away.

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