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Upgrading ESET VA from CentOS 7 to the new platform caveats?

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We have around 1000 clients on an ESET VA that was upgraded from time to time, reaching version Further details:

Update module

1085 (20231103)

Translation support module

2003 (20240402)

SysInspector module

1283 (20220614)

SSL module

1082 (20231106)

Push Notification Service module

1137 (20240208)

Configuration module

2109.2 (20240213)


The VA runs under ESXi. We want to do a migration to the new VA offered, keeping all data intact (ip address, name server etc). Our current setup had advanced security (SHA256 etc) implemented some time ago.

In https://help.eset.com/protect_install/91/en-US/migrated_database_same_ip.html it is mentioned that "When migrating a database, you must migrate between instances of the same ESET PROTECT version. See our Knowledgebase article for instructions to determine the versions of your ESET PROTECT components. After completing database migration, you can perform an upgrade, if necessary, to get the latest version of ESET PROTECT."

Is the DB version of the new VA architecture the same as the one we have?


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If you are migrating from a previous VA with ESET PROTECT v11, all components and db remain same. It is just the operating system that has changed from CentOS to Rocky Linux.

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Thank you Marcos. One more question that's keeping me from proceeding with the migrate procedure. According to a VA-to-VA migration, the instructions to follow are these ones: https://help.eset.com/protect_deploy_va/11.0/en-US/va_upgrade_migrate.html#recommended

Now in these instructions and assuming that we intend to keep the same IP address, how does one go with pulling the database, as required in step 3? If both old and new VA are alive, then they should obviously have different IP addresses at the start of this process, at least until one of them is shut down.

So, how should one set up the ip of the new VA, up to and including step 3 of the guide?

I presume that one sets up the new VA with a different IP address up to and including step 3, and does the configuration to the IP details of the old server in step 4?


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