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Upgrading Eset Protext from 8.0 to 11.0

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Hi I would like to upgade our ESET Procect from 8.0 to Eset Protect On Prem 11

However in the documentation it says that direct upgrade from 7.2X-8X is not supported

It also says that if you are using version 7.1 or prior to perform a clean installation

But it doesnt say what to do if I am using 8.0, do I need to upgrade to 9.0 first and then install 11.0

Are there any instructions/guides anywhere for this? I am using this as the reference https://help.eset.com/protect_install/11.0/en-US/upgrade_procedures.html

But its not very helpful for my scenario, any help would be appreciated thank you

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There's a notice in the help that reads:

A direct upgrade from the End of Life versions 7.2–8.x has not been tested and is not supported.

That means direct upgrade may or may not work as it was not tested. Upgrade to v9 and then to v11 should work.

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Hi Marcos

Yes thats what I assumed, what I am asking is how do I upgrade from v8 to v9 I cant find instructions for this anywhere. If I run the upgrade task out of eset protect I assume its going to attempt the install of v11.

Many Thanks

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