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ESET Internet Security [version] - Scanning screen UI product feedback

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I use the 'In-Depth' scan option and the product it doesn't seem to display in any of them that the specific custom scan which is in progress is being done or was done earlier with the 'In-Depth' option or any of the other options. It would be useful and helpful to have ESET add this on the UI of the scanning and scanned results screen, so that as users we can check with which option we scanned with.

Please refer the 3 attached screenshots as it also doesn't display the above.

Can you please add this small very important feature in?





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Could you please explain how the information about the used scan profile would help users given that profile settings can change over time? I mean, an in-depth scan run a month ago might not use the same settings as an in-depth scan run at a later time which would not be obvious from the on-demand scanner log as only the profile name would be logged.

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Hello Marcos,

Thanks for your reply.

I use customized settings in the product since last 15 years.

So, its informative and useful at least for me, because, have observed a couple of instances with the product's scanning system that some security detections are not detected in the general idle scan process and I need to do a custom in-depth scan to catch any and quarantine them or delete them or send it for further analysis to the technical support team.

So, that's how it would be useful in further analysis of those kind of scenarios.

The product has so many specific settings which I have seen and use / apply, so it would be really good if the scan profile can be displayed.


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