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Deploy agent - from V5 or GPO?

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Hi folks,


A long shot, but I'll ask anyway.


Scenario: ERA 6.1 server hosted on one network, managing the client computers of 5 unconnected, unrelated domains across the internet (e.g. 5 companies within a single parent company). All 5 domains currently have a local install of ERAS5/ERAS5.


Is there any way, via GPO or ERAS5, to deply the V6 Agent to the machines, and configure the agent with all the details normally keyed in such as ERA6 address and port, Webconsole username and password etc. ?


If there was such a way, I could deploy the agent to 100+ machines then use ERA6 to issue an uninstall command for V5 and then an install command for V6 EEA.





Many thanks






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Have you tried creating an Agent Live installer from the main console menu? The generated batch file will contain all parameters that you can customize.

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Hi Marcos


Perfect :-) Yes I've just tried that (apologies, I didn't see this thread https://forum.eset.com/topic/3847-era-61-and-agent-compliant-with-gpo/) and it works perfectly!


The only issue I've found is that the client shows up in ERA with the FQDN of the remote site, rather than the individual machine's name (e.g. it shows as xxx.company.com instead of DESKPC01.xxx.local) so I need to rename them once they appear in Lost&Found. But besides that's, it's spot on.


Thanks Marcos




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