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Policies and Groups

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Hi all


Policies screen, choose any policy, and choose to assign it to one of your groups. In my case it's All > Computers > Client1 Computers.


Then click any computer in that group and look at policies - nothing listed. So are the policies from the group being applied? If not, shouldn't they be? And if they are being applied, wouldn't it be better to show them on this screen?


Many thanks




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Well first things first, let me get the first question out of the way: You do have Agents installed on the clients, right? If not, deploy the Agents and then wait for the polices to update. I find that things in ERA v6 run a bit slower than they did in 5.x. Whenever I make any updates, I try to wait about 10-15 minutes to wait for the Agents to get back to me. 



When you're looking to see which policies are applied, how are you checking? Are you clicking on the client and then selecting 'Manage Policies...' from the dropdown menu? I'm not sure why, but my best guess is that this is just a local policy manager for that one specific client only. You will not see the applied policies this way.


If you want to see all the 'global' policies applied to a client, click on a client and select 'Details' from the dropdown menu. Select 'Configration' (Gear icon) from the left hand side of the new Window and select 'Applied Policies' Tab. Here you should see all the polices, and the order, that is applied on that client. 


Hope this helps!

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