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ESET Social Media Scanner false positives?


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Anybody experienced similar?


ESET Social Media Scanner sends me an alert that the automatic search detected some suspicious objects on my facebook wall but when I check it I cannot find the referenced posts... also, the user who presumably posted it is not a friend of mine... also, instructions says that I should click on the arrow pointing down besides the post but there is no arrow, only a cross which says Ignore or something similar (I use Hungarian so I translate the labels best I can).


Am I doing something wrong?


Thanks for your ideas.


All the best 


iso / Hungary

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Oh Jeez, I never thought that Show in Facebook means to show the bad comment or post on the wall... I thought this is a command, accepting the post to appear on my wall... Thanks rugk!

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Yeah, it's something different... :)


You're welcome!


BTW you can marked the thread as solved if it is now solved...

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I am really not such a lame but I cannot find the button to do that :( it should be beside report / Quote / Multiquote buttons, right? I am logged in and cannot see such a button... I start feel myself weird... :)

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What are you searching for?


I'm not a Facebook user, but "report / Quote / Multiquote buttons" rather sounds like the buttons in this forum... :wacko:



Oh, I forgot what I wrote... :)

Sorry for that.


So about the "marking as solved" - yes it should be there. However I think it is only available when you made a few posts... (I think there was this limitation)

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