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ERA v6 - Web Control Report


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I'm trying to create a report in ERA v6 that displays web control events. If a user visits a website category that is blocked, I would like the report to log the event with the user, URL, website category, and time of event. I could not find a predefined report like this, so I created one. To test the report, I went to a website category that we are blocking and successfully received the block message. Unfortunately, when I go to view the information in the report I created, it says 0 records to display.


Has anyone else successfully created a Web Control report in ERA v6?

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You need to make sure that the web control rule has 'logging severity' set to 'Information'


For my my report/dashboard I created a report to gather:-


Web control . Group by (User)
Web control . Fixed interval (Time of occurrence)
Web control . Group by (Action performed)
Web control . Group by (Category)
Web control . Group by (Matching URL)

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I have set this report up and see some traffic on the report but only the specific web trafic that pertains to the added sites to allow, i am blocking group1 and dont see any other entries in report other than those.  Have i missed something on setup?


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