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After noticing a number of unknown devices (not mine) on my xfinity network come up under the Eset network inspector (which were attempting to remotely connect my laptop), I had an eset agent remote in and take a look at everything. I have a question about the scan I did today that contained compuTrace.A. 

I am using edge as my browser on a microsoft surface pro 7. This came up on the scan as administrator scan; 

\\Uefi Partition » UEFI » uefi:\\Volume 6\Firmware Volume Image {9E21FD93-9C72-4C15-8C4B-E77F1DB2D792}\Volume 1\Application {821ACA26-29EA-4993-839F-597FC021708D} - a variant of EFI/CompuTrace.A potentially unsafe application - retained

I understand that it can't be cleaned by Eset or removed. My concern is it has been mentioned as a potential avenue for malware. So, I was reading another post on the forum about it and a user recommended reaching out to Absolute to inquire about it. I found my device on this list and called absolute: (1) New Messages! (absolute.com)

The Absolute rep told me that while my device is on the list, based on the serial number for my device, compuTrace.A could not be found/is not active on the device. I was told basically that this is a situation where the device came with it out of the box and nothing malicious can be done with it. 

I just wanted to confirm that if nothing else came up on the scan, the laptop is clean. 

Screenshot 2024-03-13 200550.png

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