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Client Network Connections Report


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I'm new to Eset so I've been looking around the client softwar and notice in the Tools section > Network Connections it lists all the applications and their current network usage.


My question is would I be able to record this information or at least be able to get totals from it?


So for example I could have a report or simple log file of applications and their usage, So I could see that 'ApplicationA' sent 30Mb data last 7 Days and recevied 66Mb.


I suppose I could setup a proxy server and manage it all from there but I monitor the websites visited and am able to block/allow these through Eset already so not really in need of a proxy server.



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  • Former ESET Employees

Unfortunately we do not currently have a way to export the running stats to an external file or something that is readable outside of the software itself. 

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Ok Thanks for the reply.


Shame really, seems like a wasted opportunity. The software has the ability to read all of that information in great detail and it just goes to waste by not being able to record it

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