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How to Check Windows User has Admin Rights or not?

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Hi, i read this Thread and tried on my clients and its work only for clients with Windows 7 or Windows 8, on others Windows (10 / 11)  i can generate a hostname.log file on C or D but i cannot copy this to linux.  

I tried on one Task "hostname & net localgroup administratorzy > D:\%computername%.log && copy D:\%computername%.log  \\Linux_IP\Storage\

I tried this separately and it create file but dont copy to linux.

But when i manualy connect to PC and open CMD without admin privilage and past copy D:\%computername%.log \\Linux_IP\Storage\ it works.

Thanks for any help - maybe there is a easier way to check that ?

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This question boils down to copying files in the local system account from Windows to an SMB share on Linux. Perhaps somebody with good knowledge of Linux systems will be able to answer.

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Probably you had right.

I noticed that I tried to copy it to the old linux, when I tried to copy it to the new linux everything worked fine.

Sorry for the trouble, maybe it will be useful for someone else.

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