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Eset Bridge replication fails

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I`m trying to configure Eset Protect to work with Eset Bridge for agent replication and caching. But mostly for replication.

Eset Bridge is in DMZ and I want agents that are in public networks without VPN enabled to contact with Protect Server via Bridge.

I`ve tried several different configurations but still i receive error:
Replication connection problem: DNS resolution failed (code: 14) for request Era.Common.Services.Replication.GetStaticObjectsRequest (id: e62b20cd-f45d-457c-a42f-6386ac49f6ba) on connection to 'host: "<ProtectHost>" port: 2222'

  • Proxy Enabled: 1
  • Proxy Connection: <Proxy>:3128
  • Proxy Credentials: none
  • Proxy Fallback Enabled: 1
  • Task: CStaticObjectMetadataTask
  • Scenario: Automatic replication (REGULAR)
  • Connection: <ProtectHost>:2222
  • Connection established: false
  • Replication inconsistency detected: false
  • Server busy state detected: false
  • Realm change detected: false
  • Realm uuid: 7f22c123-123f-1234-be04-c68c2a1234eb
  • Sent logs: 0
  • Cached static objects: 57
  • Cached static object groups: 9
  • Static objects to save: 0
  • Static objects to delete: 0
  • Modified static objects: 0
  • All replication attempts: 166

My guess is that agent on my computer should contact proxy not host?
When I connect to corporate network replication works fine.

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According to the error message, there was a problem with DNS resolution. If you have tested DNS resolution and didn't notice any issues, please raise a support ticket for help with further troubleshooting.

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