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How to verify if excluded folder is really working for real-time scanning?

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Our problem:

We have degraded performance in our build process (Java Software development). Our build creates lots of files in specific folders.
When we disable realtime scanning completely temporarily (which is obviously no solution), our build runs twice as fast (30secs instead of 60secs).

We want to achieve the same by excluding the folders which are touched by our build (e.g. Eclipse and Gradle) to make our build faster, increase developer productivity and decrease developer frustration).
I have read: https://support.eset.com/en/kb7833-exclude-files-or-folders-on-endpoints-from-real-time-scanning-using-eset-protect

We have the feeling that the exclusion has not the desired performance improvement (means: disabling real time scanning completely is still significantly faster). 

How can we verify on the clients, that the settings done in ESET PROTECT (Cloud) are taking effect? In other words: Can we "see" somewhere, that a folder exclusion is working?
The exclusion path we used is: /Users/joe/development/mysourcecode/*

there we added the exclusion to the policy)
- MacOS clients



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You can put the eicar test file in an excluded folder and see if it's detected or not. I'd recommend raising a support ticket to find out what exactly needs to be excluded.

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