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E-Mail problems after update to MacOSX 10.9.5


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Just after updating to 10.9.5, e-mail did not work anymore. My Mac just could not connect to IMAP (using port 993). After switching off e-mail protection in ESET Cyber Security, things are back to normal. There appears to be a compatibility problem between this new version of Maverick and ESET Cyber Security. I hope there will be an update soon.



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You mention that you use port 993 to connect to IMAP. Generally port 993 is used with SSL, so if the email account uses SSL and port 993 has been added or replaced in the IMAP port settings of Cyber Security (the default setting in Cyber Security for IMAP is port 143), this will not work as SSL is not supported for Email Protection.


(Note: If you need to, you can restore default settings for Email Protection by visiting Cyber Security > 'Preferences...' > 'Email Protection' and clicking 'Default' on the bottom left corner of the window.)

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