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Hi EveryOne I Have Question About Generating Trial KEY 30 Days KEY 
On ESET Home Page I Use To Get KEY For Multiple PCs
For Exmple : For Me & 2 or 3 Friends And The KEY Still Not OverUsed 
Now When I Use My Gmail Get 1 Key For One PC And Get Overused 
And If i Change Country Setting Get For 2 Or 3 - WHY
And Wich Country HAve More Room For 1 KEY 
Like 1 Key Can Activate 10 PC For 30 Days Again Thanks Alot 


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From the Free Trial FAQs on the 30 Day Free Trial download page, the Free Trial is only good for one machine.

The US website-https://www.eset.com/us/home/free-trial/ scroll down to the FAQ

It will say the same on your regional website.

'How many devices can I protect with the free trial?'

'Each ESET product free trial covers one device only. You can protect additional devices by purchasing the full version of the product.'


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