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Eset Password Manager does not work on some sites.

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I'm having some problems with the Eset password manager. First of all, it does not work at all on some sites. In some cases, it does not automatically fill in the username or e-mail information or does not provide an option to choose. When you fill in the e-mail information manually, the password is filled automatically in the next step. But the real problem for me is the sites that don't work at all. I don't think it's a problem on my part. All permissions for the extension have been granted. I tried it in both browsers, Firefox and Chrome. Unfortunately, the result is still the same. There are approximately 20 of these non-working sites. I copied the links to their account login pages and saved them. However, I don't know where to give feedback to fix these. There is no such feedback mechanism in the extension. What will I do?

Links to websites with problems.txt

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1 dakika önce Marcos şunları söyledi:

Lütfen sorunun daha ayrıntılı araştırılması için bir destek bildirimi oluşturun.

How do I do this? Is there any e-mail address?

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