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False Positive - IP Block

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I have been forced to re write this post as my previous post was closed before I had the chance to answer, also the post I made around 20 minutes ago was also deleted.


The software in question is not detected as malware (ie. virus, trojan, etc.) but as a potentially unwanted application (PUA). The software was analyzed in ESET's malware research lab and was found to meet criteria for PUA detection. Detection of PUA is fully optional, and it's up to the user if they want to opt for detection or not. Even with PUA detection enabled, the user can exclude the application from scanning so that it's not detected.

Having said that, we'll draw this thread to a close."

As mentioned by Marcos It is detected as a PUA now if you do a scan on virustotal for any of sites, including our homepage you will find that only ESET blocks this with the term "Malware site"

ESET has also blocked our IP so nobody who has purchased our software can use it. This is a very urgent matter as we are getting hundreds of emails from our paying customers wanting to use the software.

I would also like to ask is there any reason that we are receiving a different treatment to anyone else?

What I mean by this statement is when ever we open a post it is closed with an answer that doesn't allow me to respond, and I noticed this doesn't happen to anyone else. I also noticed that when I posted in another topic, I was told to stop stealing threads, which can be seen here.


I then took a look at a thread posted earlier this month, and noticed people were getting serious answers and not being told to stop "hijacking threads" but got actual answers from ESET moderators.

The example can be seen in the link below.


All I am trying to get done is for ESET to remove the IP block on its servers and actually block individual sites that they have a problem with (if there are any we will get them fixed straight away)

I pleed with ESET to provide any assistance with this and to provide any information that can assist us in fixing the issue.

We have sent over 50 emails to samples@eset.com and I know there is no response but they are for URLs that are clearly safe such as our home page, buy page, etc.

This can be seen on virustotals scan. You will see that only ESET has us blocked on more than 15 links.

I hope we can get this fixed ASAP and thank you for taking the time to respond to my post. I would also like to apologize to the ESET moderators for any confusion or anything that WhiteSmoke has done to create such any form of "hate" by them.

Once again, thank you,

WhiteSmoke Inc.

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Samples[at]eset.com is the only communication channel for disputing detections. According to the information from the virus lab, they responded and the receipt of the reply was confirmed on Whitesmoke's end. Any attempt to dispute detections regardless of the vendor will be closed here and the user will be advised to email samples[at]eset.com as explained above.

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