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No serial number in the media control after the first connection.


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I have a problem with media control. I only want to authorise special business devices and register them with the serial number. However, as soon as a device has been connected to the computer once, the serial number is no longer read the next time because the device already exists in the device manager (as a hidden device) and the serial number is stored there. Only when I delete the hidden device and then plug in the smartphone is the serial number displayed again in the Device Control log and therefore also authorised.

Is this a known problem or is there a solution other than using a script to delete the hidden devices in the device manager every time?

I proceed as follows - connect the smartphone via cable and read out the device (manufacturer, model, serial number) on the client in the media control, store the data completely in the media control in ESET PROTECT Cloud so that I can manage it centrally.

2024-02-13 12_35_29-Geräte-Manager.png

2024-02-13 12_33_28-Administrator_ Windows PowerShell ISE.png

2024-02-13 12_33_15-ESET Endpoint Security.png

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I'd recommend raising a support ticket since this will need to be investigated further.

Also please download DeviceTree from https://forum.eset.com/files/file/130-devicetree/ and create logs:
1, Prior to first connection of the device
2, After connecting the device
3, After disconnecting the device and re-connecting it.


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I created the three logs as you described and attached them here. This time tested with a Motorola smartphone.

I have also carried out further tests that I could have come up with beforehand.

With a Windows device that is not in the domain but has the same eset settings (eset cloud), the smartphone is always recognized with the serial number in the media control and therefore also allowed. The device is of course not subject to the GPOs that are only rolled out for domain members.

Now it gets exciting:

Another Windows device (identical in model to the one without domain) but this one is in the domain and subject to the same GPOs, BUT was not installed via image, but via USB stick in the old way.

With this device it works sporadically, but usually the serial number is also specified and accordingly allowed.

I am also attaching the logs from this device in the same order as from the device where it only works once.


Tested on 3 Windows devices

1st device T14 (domain, many GPOs from the data center, installation via image) - connected smartphone only works once. When reconnecting, the serial number is not recognized and thus blocked by the media control. (Logs are attached)

2nd device T560 (no domain, no GPOS, installation via USB stick) - connected smartphone always works. Even after multiple reconnections.

3rd device T560 (domain, many GPOs from the data center, installation via USB stick) - connected smartphone works sporadically. Most of the time it works. (Logs are attached)


T14_sysinspector_logs.zip T560 - sysinspector_logs.zip

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Please raise a support ticket. The DeviceTree tool referenced above generates deviceTree.json that should be created as per my instructions above.

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Sorry, had opened the .json file and then the sysinspector started.

The .json files are attached.

Another short addition:

The data center has assured me that their "image installation" is a pure .iso installation, but Microsoft apps are blocked (see picture)

I will raise a ticketRemoveMicrosoft_Apps.png.abe8220555b102d32b152deb09e83954.png

T14_json files.zip

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