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Daily Email Quarantine Spam Digest

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We have a number of clients enabled for Cloud Office Security to filter emails from spam and malware.  We created a report with the "Mail Quarantine" option selected, we have done both attempts at just have all the tenants selected or even users or groups.  Then the options are set to repeat Daily and set to never end, we just have it starting on a day when we first started using the software.  We see in the audit log reports with the action "Generate & send report", it shows succeeded and says the user SYSTEM.  There are enough of these in the log that we think it is generating reports, but we have been unable to find any of the digests using message trace in Microsoft 365 and the users have yet to report seeing the digests. 

Is there something we need to enable on Microsoft 365's end to allow it to go through?  We don't have any special filtering on some clients, so it should just go to their inboxes.  Even if Microsoft flags it, it generally goes to the quarantine on their 365 console.

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This will need to be checked via a support ticket. Please raise one and provide:

- TenantID (can be retrieved from https://aad.portal.azure.com/-> Azure Active Directory -> Left Blade Menu -> Click  Overview -> See the tenant information
- Domain Name
- EBA Account
- ECOS instance (EU or US)

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