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Update to ESET Protect v10 with win 7 machines at the environment

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Hello everyone.


I have a question, we have a environment that have win 7 machines, the version of ESET Protect is 9.0. I have read at the manual for ESET Protect version 10 they support win 7 if they have installed the ΚΒ4474419 and ΚΒ4490628 at least. The question is, its save to upgrade the ESET Protect to the 10 version or not? Some of the machines have the KBs installed and others not. Anyone have try this and if yes it was successful?  


Best Regards, Stefanos 

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You can use the management agent v10 on Windows 7. Of course, using a system that Microsoft sunset years ago and for which no security updates are being created makes the system vulnerable to attacks. It is strongly recommended to use an operating system which is fully supported by its maker and for which security updates are released on a regular basis.

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