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Protect Cloud, Limit User Access to Company.


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I've recently moved across to ESET Protect Cloud which has two companies setup in it, one parent company (Company A) and a business (Company B) we recently purchased. I've successful moved all of the machines across to the new new cloud setup along with my policies, reports and tasks etc.

Whilst I will have full access to both businesses and full control of the policies etc I would like to give a colleague full access to B, but not A. I've setup a permission set for B and set the static group to company B which does limit his access to only those computers, but he will also need to be able to manage policies and installers for B which he does have Read/Write/Use access to do. But unless I move the permission set to the All static group he can't see these policies or installers, and if I do that he can also now make changes to the parent companies (A) installers and policies which I'd like to prevent.

Is there a way of setting Protect Cloud up so my colleague has full access to company B, but no access to company A or it's policies?

Thanks in advance.

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