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Migration to a new server and certificate problem (CentOS > Windows)

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I am currently using Protect version 10 on CentOS. I came up with the idea of combining the Protect update to version 11 with changing the server to Windows Server 2022.

  1. I had an idea that I would export the certification authority from the old one.
  2. I will import this certificate on the new server.
  3. I will export the agent certificate from the old server.
  4. I will create a new policy on the old server addressed to the new server and attach the agent certificate to it.
  5. I linked the policy to the test station.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work - the logs show an error in communication with the new server - the certificate is invalid.

It works if I export the certification authority and the agent certificate from the new server > I import the certification authority on the old one > create a new policy on the old one and attach the agent certificate of the new server to it.

The only thing is that I need to have both servers online for some time to give all stations time to download the new policy and contact the new server.

If it works for me in the first variant - I could turn off the old server, set the new one to the IP address of the old server and if the certificates were OK - workstations should report as if it were the old server.

Am I wrong? Any tips?

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