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Cyber Security vs HOME Security


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The only purchasable ESET product appears to be HOME Security. I can't find any way for new users to purchase Cyber Security for macOS. Nor can I find a way to download the Cyber Security app. The only products available are HOME Security Essential, Premium and Ultimate.

Are all the previous products now rolled into one product?

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both (2) products are the same.

basically cyber security pro (firewall included)(version6) for macos intel processors and cyber security (non-pro)(firewall not included)(version7) for macos apple processors (so called M1, M2 and M3 processors). licences (3) are not the same. buy 'essential' version and get antivirus + firewall (not yet available on macos apple processors, again). hope it helps.

Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 19.23.36.png

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I know the difference between CS Pro and non-Pro, including that the Pro isn't yet designed for apple processors. My question was what HOME is for product, and why the CS (Pro or non-Pro) aren't available for purchase or download.

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The point is that there is only one product for new users to purchase—HOME, in one of three versions. There aren't products called Cyber Security or Cyber Security Pro to purchase. It appears that product choice comes after having purchased a HOME subscription, which is not made clear. Also strange, choosing to download a trial version of HOME Essential or Premium provides the same installer—CyberSecurity, which makes no sense since the price is different.

Also, there's no way for me to increase the number of devices for my Cyber Security Pro subscription. (I'm using that license but running CS (non-pro) on Apple M2 chip devices.)

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