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I need to restrict certain computers from using my license

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Hi all.
I am using an ESET Protect Server Virtual Linux Appliance 9.0 to manage about 400 Windows machines that are from 2 different companies, which I am going to call Company 1 and Company 2 (but the license is from Company 1).
Now my license is about to expire and I need to renew it but only for Company 1 computers. 

I need to separate the computers that are from Company 2, about 100 computers, so that when the license is renewed these 100 computers from Company 2 will not use it. I've been trying to uninstall the license of these 100 computers from Company 2 but I can not find what to do.

Do you know what options I have to achieve this?

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I assume that from legal point of view each company should use their own license. You can deactivate units from the other company via EBA or send a product activation task to their endpoints with their license selected.

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