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Network attack protection (IDS) is non-functional

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We sometimes get the below warning. So far we noticed this on Endpoint Antivirus 10.1.2050.0 and 10.1.2058.0. It is an intermittent problem, so we can't reproduce this, and it seems to affect random devices... never the same ones. It always happens after a notebook is started and the message always clears after a reboot. All our notebooks are on Windows 10 22H2.



This is a new phenomenon that only started recently (November/December). I can't really say much about v11 yet as we only have a handful of devices on that version.

Is anyone else seeing this? What can be done to prevent this? Is there a way to fix this without having to reboot the endpoint?

Thank you.

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In order to find out the reason, the error would need to be reproducible after a computer reboot. In that case we would need you to enable advanced network protection logging prior to a restart, disable it after Windows starts while the error is reported and eventually collect logs with ESET Log Collector.

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