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Trying to renew license for business user


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Over the past week I've been unable to contact or get a phone call back from ESET to renew our 15 user Business Edition license.

With the business edition they ask that you call them to do the renewl.

The number I'm calling is 866.343.3738

Any ideas on how to update without speaking personally with  ESET?




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Generally you can find information how to renew your license here.

But often it's quite important to know where you bought your ESET license, because you have to contact the distribution of your country.


If you live in US you have to call the following telephone number according to the kb article. You wrote this number in your post, but you forgot a "1"...

To renew more than four licenses: Call 1-866-343-ESET (3738) or contact your reseller

(BTW: nice telephone number :D)


And just FYI: In the following kb article are more information about what to do after you renewed your license: What do I need to do after renewing my license? (business users)

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Our business is located in the US and the number I'm dialing is the number you quote.

I've left 3 different messages to please call back with the last one being my personal cell phone number.

Still no reply. 

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