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Block Phantom account from accessing certain programs

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Dear all,


Did a search trough the forums but i could not find a the answer i'm looking for

Just installed ESET smart security and looked at the anti theft option.

It suggested to create a Phantom account, i think this could be useful since it triggers an alarm.

But i noticed that in this account i am able to open the Open-VPN Connect program and make a VPN connection with home.


and of course while being connected with my home network i could access the other computers active on this network.


Is there an option to hide or block certain programs in the phantom account?



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  • ESET Staff

Hi there,


actually, Phantom account is an account like any other.

If you run installation of some of your apps, often they ask, if it will be just for actual user(account), or for all users(accounts) on computer.


Anyway, you can try to set execute permisions on your application, see here



Hope it helps



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