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Webex webhook notifications

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My ESET PROTECT on-prem server version: 11.0 (

My ESET PROTECT on-prem web console version: 11.0 (

How can I enable notifications for webhook integration in the webex application.
I already have a webhook address, but nowhere on the distribution channel can I find sending via webhook according to the information from the website:
Distribution | ESET PROTECT | ESET Online Help

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Webhook is only support in the ESET Protect Cloud console

ESET Protect on-prem console does not have such function


 but you can create for teams channel email using these instructions Tip: Send email to a channel - Microsoft Support

but first you need to activate this function ,,Get Emial address" in  https://admin.teams.microsoft.com/

Instruction: "Get email address" option is not available in Teams Channel - Microsoft Q&A




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