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Moving "ScanLog_Details"

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Hello All,


Currently our logs are going to the C drive. We would like to move them to the D drive. In particular the "ScanLog_Details" are the logs taking up the most space. Is there an option within ERA that allows this path to be changed?


Which components of ERA pull info from the "ScanLog_Details"?






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Hello Anthony,

Yes, you can change the directory of the Storage folders which includes the ScanLog_Details folder. This folder contains data required for the different types of reports. For example, the ScanLog_Details folder contains information about the various scans (found in the Scan Logs Tab on the bottom) that were performed.

To change the directory, open your ESET Remote Administrator -> Tools -> Server Options -> 'Advanced' Tab -> Edit Advanced Settings -> Expand 'Remote Administrator' -> ERA Server -> Settings -> General -> Storage Folder -> Change the value to the new directory (Example: D:\). Click on Console to save and exit to the console. Finally, restart the ESET Remote Administrator Server service.


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