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Product renewal, change, etc.

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I currently have licenses for 2 products, ESET Smart Security Premium and ESET Internet Security. Internet Security recently auto-renewed and Premium is up for renewal soon.

I am trying to figure out my options but I can't find the information on your site.

What is the difference in cost of renewing Internet Security vs adding a license to Premium? If it isn't a lot more can I drop Internet Security, add the license for Premium and get some sort of credit for the unused time on Internet Security?


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I'd recommend contacting your ESET distributor or reseller who should be able to merge the licenses and subtract the price for the remaining period if upgrading one of the licenses to a higher subscription.

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Thanks for the reply. Isn't my reseller ESET? I buy these online through my ESET account.

I also can't find the price (it isn't on the upgrade offer) and I'm a tiny bit concerned with "should be able to merge". Isn't this either a policy or not a policy?

I'm getting more confused and time is running out on my license.

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