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newly purchased activation key expired..?

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yesterday I purchased a new key to renew my subscription but it says it's already expired.

retail won't refund me since the package was opened.

any way around this?

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Appears you purchased a boxed version of Eset. Standard retail practice with boxed software is once the box seal is broken, the software is not returnable for a refund. However, the assumption here is that the software is usable in that it can be activated and the license has not expired.

Eset can't help you in this matter since you did not directly purchased the software from them. Your only recourse here is to escalate the issue to the retail store management. If they still refuse the refund and you purchased with a major credit card, you can dispute the purchase with the credit card issurer.

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It should not be a problem for the store to provide you with a valid activation key if they had kept the box on store for long until it expired. It would be different if you purchased the box long ago and the activation key expired after a couple of years but this doesn't seem to be the case.

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