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EFI/CompuTrace.A Unable to create a Exclusion

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Good day members.
I trust you are well.

Please assist.
We keep on getting the same detections.

Detection Type
Potentially unsafe application
Object type
Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)
file://///Uefi Partition/uefi:\\Volume 8\Firmware Volume Image {9E21FD93-9C72-4C15-8C4B-E77F1DB2D792}\Volume 1\Application {821ACA26-29EA-4993-839F-597FC021708D}

From what i read on the form this is due to the uefi bios. and the recomendation was to create an exclusion.
I cant seem to get it to work.

So every Tuesday eset  does an scheduled scan.
and every Tuesday these alerts pop up for every machine.

Please find attached the screenshot of the exclusion that i created from the detection page.




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Most likely the scheduled scan is configured to ignore exclusions. Please check it out.

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Hi Marco,
It is true the the Ignore exlusions was enabled in the scheduled scan.
I did how ever changed the policy but its still being picked up as an detection.
Any other ideas
Please see the screenshot.



Applied Exclusions.png

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Please provide logs collected with ESET Log Collector from the machine. There's no other reason for detecting excluded stuff than having the option to ignore exclusions enabled for scheduled scan.

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