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Error MSI.1714 encountered while installing Eset Home Essential Security

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I encounter that error MSI.1714 while installing Eset Home Essential Security on my second PC (install on first one went smoothly).
After having checked this board, I have tried uninstalling it totally, using the Eset uninstaller tool in safe mode as advised.
I have restarted the computer after each step, but despite of this, the problem is still present and I cannont end the setup process.

Please help !
You'll find attached the error message and the logs from my computer.eseterreurmsi_1714.PNG.9839f087efc789001a3229d23400eaa8.PNG
Thank in advance, 



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Could you please run the ESET Uninstall tool in safe mode at least twice in a row to make sure that ESET is not detected the second time?

I believe the error "Database: C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Security\Installer\fix_norepair.mst. Cannot open database file." should not be reported if an old version of ESET was removed from the registry completely.

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