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What has happenned to Eset?? It used to be versions of Eset which got the "best" guess you would say but now there are different upgrades for the same one?

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What has happenned to Eset?? It used to be versions of Eset which got the "best" guess you would say but now there are different upgrades for the same one?

Have Eset Smart Security Premium but see there is now two more one below mine and one above which is just a VPN and oh ya Eset security Ultimate whatever that is. It's called ESET Home Security Ultimate. Was like whatever wouldn't mind upgrading but it's only available in certain places and two you have to get like 10 devices ATLEAST or more to even get it what is up with that, I love Eset i've had it for like a decade it's come a longgg long long long way I like it but this just seems like a cash grab but that is just my opinion and I don't have ALL the information yet but would appreciate some explanation? Also when I go to Eset Home look at my password manager says available one out of two which understand have two computers on Eset right now but when click on it, it says "Choose who you’d like to protect. You can protect an existing profile or add a new person." Which as someone who uses it shouldn't I already have a spot there and if not makes no sense if press that would the other person not be able to be added if they decide to use the password manager? Yes I've looked around by the way and the more I look the less sense everything makes sense (not about the password thing, about the other stuff). Thanks for your time. Had a previous forum account but it doesn't exist anymore weirdly.. Also sorry if posted in wrong section. Also one more thing Eset should add a thing to notify if your front camera like on a laptop is being used but maybe you already do I have no clue how to work with the advance settings it's like a maze but I get the basic stuff in there.


Happy new year hopefully it's a good one and no more illegal lock downs but not getting into politics just a joke calm down. or is it? dun dun dun

Anyway to anyone who helps and is nice I appreciate it very much, rude and unhelpful comments will be ignored/not read.

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There are 3 subscription options:
1, ESET Home Security Essential (contains ESET NOD32 Antivirus and ESET Internet Security)
2, ESET Home Security Premium (ESET Premium Security)
3, ESET Home Security Ultimate (a family license ESET Security Ultimate with VPN)

If you have less than 5 or 10 devices depending on the country and want to have VPN, you can purchase any of the first two subscriptions and VPN directly from its vendor (or use a free version of it).

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