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Disabling "Remote Management"

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When I attempted to upgrade a licensed 16.x installation to 17.x, there was a notification that the program wasn't linked to ESET HOME.  Stupidly, I followed the directions to link it, and it informed my that ESET could now be "remotely managed."  I don't want my PC to be remotely managed.  How can I disable this?

When I log into the ESET account and look for what a hacker might have available to disable ESET (or whatever), the only thing I see is an option to disconnect the license from the product, which it informs me would disable ESET.  Is this all it means by "remote management"?  That your license can be disabled?  I assume that in this case, ESET would just stop receiving updates, but wouldn't actually shut down?  Is that correct?

Is there some setting in ESET I can configure to disable remote management?

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I thought about this before, If you don't have 2FA enabled and if a hacker gets your credentials it seems like its gonna be a disaster. Yea you can say, "You can changes your ESET home account password if your still control email account that you are using for ESET Home Account", but I really dont like this.

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ESET security products for home users cannot be managed remotely. If you connect your product to ESET HOME, you can basically only deactivate the license through it. It is not possible to disable protection or change settings remotely for instance.

If an ESET product is not activate, protection status is red and asking for activation.

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