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Latin characters do not appear in EEE v 5.2.52

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Se presenta un error con la interfaz de la herramienta ESET Endpoint Encryption versión en donde los carácteres latinos como la "ñ" en la palabra "contraseÑa" y la ó en la palabra "sesiÓn" no aparece, esto no es limitante para acceder al sistema.




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There is an error with the interface of the ESET Endpoint Encryption tool version where the Latin characters such as the "ñ" in the word "password (contraseña)" and the o in the word "session (sesión)" do not appear, this is not limiting to access the system.

Thank you.


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Hi @analistaseguridadinformati,

Has this worked before in a prior version of EEE?

May I ask which Keyboard Layout you are using in the EEE Pre-boot login, Latin American? Additionally, what Keyboard Layout within Windows?

I am going to test by installing EEE in the same manner as yourself so just want to make sure my complete installation is the same.

What Keyboard Layout is defined within the UEFI BIOS of your Computer?

Thank you,


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