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EP Cloud console remote log collector consistently fails on OS X


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When running the Log Collector on remote OS X systems, the task consistently fails. The error: "Log collector archive is too big to be transferred".

Is there a way around this? Have the log files been successfully collected and just can't be retrieved? If so, where can they be found?

As frequently as ESET Support requests log files, it would be helpful to have a way to collect these remotely.

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Just found the additional error details: "Log collector output with size of 161MB exceeded 15MB and will not be transferred"

A 15MB file size limit does not seem very practical.

I know there is a downloadable/executable log collector but we need an effective remote option.

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1 hour ago, Marcos said:

The limit for diagnostic logs should be 200 MB according to https://help.eset.com/protect_admin/11.0/en-US/computer_details.html.

@Marcos That documentation is specific to the on-prem solution, but we're talking about the Cloud version here.

The documentation I just found for the Cloud Console indicates there is a 15MB limit, which clearly is not sufficient to provide the information requested by support.

There really needs to be a viable solution to collect logs remotely.

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FYI; I tried the task with the parameter specified in the documentation (--no-productlogs). The file size this time was almost double the first one at 368MB. So this task failed.

I'm not sure if the syntax is correct in the documentation, but it clearly is not smaller.

I ran a test on Windows, as well and the referenced paramater (/Targets:EraAgLogs) seemed to work properly as it generated a 487KB log file versus ~100MB file without the added parameter.

In short, the Windows paramater to create smaller log files works as expected. The OS X parameter had the opposite effect and created a file double the size.

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