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not able to preview reports

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using ver eset remote administrator.

when i click preview report button, nothing happens.

when using older version of RAS, tried changing the default browser from firefox to IE. this trick worked for a short while, before it again stopped working.

now in this verson 5.2.22, it does not work. dos anybody have this issue ?

i am using win 7 prof verison, fully updated.

sanjay mehta

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Hello Sanjay,


I am having trouble recreating your issue here in my VM environment.  When pressing the "Preview Report" button, it should auto launch a browser no matter what and either show the report, or fail to load.  Is that happening?


Also, do you have a program installed on the machine that handles html files?  This is what the reports are created in. 


Are you able to open the reports located in C:\programdata\ESET\ESET Remote Administrator\Console\reports?


Are the reports you are trying to preview custom reports or premade report templates?  I would suggest first making a entirely new report template and report and testing.  If that fails, I would then suggest completely uninstalling and reinstalling the Console portion of ERA 5.2.22.


Thank you for choosing ESET,


ESET North America

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hi jeffrey,


thanks for your reply. after waiting for a couple of days for response, i returned to the forum only today, hence the delay.


checked the file association for htm & html files on my computer, and they are registered to open with firefox.


problem is for both custom & premade report templates. remember having removed & reinstalled era completely earlier.

Edited by sanjay mehta
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ok. the problem seems to be resolved as of now.


based on your suggestion, i uninstalled era completely, restarted pc, & reinstalled. now the report is opening fine & waited 2 days for any more problems, but not yet.


shall report back, if the problem repeats. thanks very much.


sanjay mehta

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