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Eset firewall blocking Canon Maintenance Tool

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So I just bought a Canon printer and nearly everything works great, my Windows 10 PC can see the inks okay, it can print okay, this is all via WiFi. But there is one problem, ESET won't let me use the "Canon IJ Printer Assistant Tool". The software is there to change settings on the printer as it is a basic printer so it has to all be done via the computer, it doesn't have any ability to do these things on the printer itself. So the software loads okay but if I try and use any of the features (such as nozzle checks, head cleans, change power on settings, etc) it says something along the lines of "can't communicate with the printer". 

At first I was baffled as to why, but then I disabled the Eset firewall and it worked perfectly, then I re-enabled it and it wouldn't work again. I use the interactive mode in Eset so I am normally told every time something tries to connect to the net and I have allowed everything printer related. I manually added the printers IP to the "allow" list in Eset, and also the software EXE for the tool. Nothing fixes it. So either I am not doing it right or some other part of the firewall is blocking it. 

There are no blocked IPs showing up in Eset. Also as mentioned I can print fine and can see the ink levels fine without needing to disable the firewall, so not sure why this tool would cause any extra issues.

Any ideas ? Thanks. 

Printer : Canon PIXMA TS705a Inkjet Printer
Eset Version : Eset Internet Security
OS : Windows 10
Software Location C:\Program Files\Canon\Canon IJ Printer Assistant Tool\cnmpaui.exe

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P.S : The "Network Access Troubleshooting" page in Eset doesn't show ANY blocked communications within the last 60 minutes even when I have used the tool in the last few minutes. How can that be given when I disable the firewall it works ??

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Check your Eset various log files for any blocked entires relayed to this cnmpaui.exe process. It is possible the process spawns a child process for Internet communication and Eset is blocking the child process from executing. Likewise, the Eset firewall might be blocking inbound Internet traffic to the chlld process.

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Thanks. Nothing looks possible to me there, I looked through all the many different types (detections, events, etc). I also opened up the tool while checking logs, nothing shows up. It is crazy as I can't think why. I would have thought adding the printers IP to the allow part of the firewall would work but it doesn't, so I am totally clueless what is going on. Other Eset users must surely have a Canon printer and use this tool. 



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Thanks Marcos. Well, things seem to be fixed now, I rebooted my PC (I leave it on 24/7 normally) to do what you suggested about then re-checking logs and when I went to the Canon tool and pressed "nozzle check" up popped a Eset green (not blue) "allow/deny" option which it never did before the reboot. When I clicked allow the tool now works without needing to pause the firewall. I stupidly clicked allow before reading what it said as I was just happy to see it pop up, as I would like to know what was being blocked, is there any way to find out by date/time what was allowed ? I looked in the rules of the firewall but they don't seem to be in time order and nothing new is showing up in logs, I now just want to find out what it was, I have marked off roughly the time it popped up. Thanks !

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