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HTML/ScrInject.B on our Client website


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The "Eset Complete" product installed in our computers block "www.garfieldmedicalcentre.com.au" stated " HTML/ScrInject.B" but we couldn't find any information on the error on which file affected, what is the script that is causing the problem etc. We checked in our ESP MSP which also doesn't give any information. Please let us know which product will give the required information on exactly which file is causing the problem.  



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Hi Marcos, 

Thank you for the information. Could you please suggest which ESET product can help us locate the infected file? We use ESET MSP and also resellers of ESET products.



Venkat- Yes IT

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You can use any ESET security product since each contains the on-demand scanner or the command-line scanner ecls.exe or odscan on Linux.

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