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Eset Inspect connector configuration issue


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Hello everybody, I'm facing a configuration problem with Eset Inspect connector.

I have migrated from ESET Protect On-Prem to ESET Protect with no problems and I have also activated ESET Inspect on-cloud. I have deployed the Eset Inspect Connector on clients to the latest version but the connector is trying to connect to localhost on port 8093, so I see a warning telling me that the connector is unable to reach the ESET Inspect Server.

On ESET Inspect on-prem you can deploy a policy to set the server address and tcp port but on cloud this is not possible (or I'm not able to find the specific configuration, and also I don't know the right address to use). I've tried to create a custom installer but reinstalling everything on test systems makes no differences.

Any suggestion?

Thank you

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Did you create an installer with ESET Inspect Connector in ESET PROTECT and installed it on the machine?


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